An Agreement With God

What kind of agreement do you keep with God? Check it out for yourself. When I read in the biography Amazing Faith: The Authorized Biography of Bill Bright, founder of the Campus Crusade for Christ, about this contract with God, I was inspired to write and sign my own contract. I`m really glad I did! Eisner grew up in a religious household, but he himself was an infidel reluctantly. In 1970, Alice, her sixteen-year-old daughter, died after 18 months of fighting leukemia. [36] Eisner was furious and wondered how a god could do such a thing; he dealt with his grief by immersing himself in his work. [37] While working on “A Contract with God,” he tried to capture these emotions by playing the character of Frimme Hersh in his head. [38] If you have noticed in the above verses, if we walk with God, he goes with us; If we march against God, he goes against us. It would be wise for them to ask themselves, “Am I going to agree with God – or do I disagree with God?” I pray that we all want to walk with God – in accordance with His word, which is guided by His Spirit – using His Word to study our path with Him. Because then we will really understand what in Amos 3:3, most people think they have a contract with God. For our part, we have a list of rules, we have a list of good works and we believe in good theology. In return, God will give us good now and in the life to come. That`s how it works, isn`t it? What is it? His baptism said “Yes” to a relationship with God.

In baptism, you accepted the relationship with God and you made an agreement with God. Baptism was not just something your body did. It`s also something your heart has done. Hannah unknown, God was already seeking to replace the prophet Eli, for his two sons had tarnished the honor of the priest of the Almighty. God immediately gave Hannah the boy named Samuel, who soon became a high priest. After that, Hannah was blessed by five other children (1 Sam. 2:21). 1. Give God your treasure. Some of us are stingy of God. Some treat him as the unfaithful servant who says that his master is a hard man who harvests where he has not sowed.

Written by darrenjac

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