Etrade Brokerage Account Agreement

E-TRADE has a long history as an online broker, and this experience has paid off in terms of very intuitive and easy-to-navigate platforms. You can easily open and finance an account, whether you`re on a mobile device or on your computer. There are two main web-based platforms, each with dedicated mobile applications that reflect the functionality of each web platform. Note: While marginal loan agreements are generally used to allow investors to purchase securities on margin, some companies allow their clients to borrow for other purposes. Under these loans, a company can ask the customer to sign a margin agreement. Before borrowing money from your broker home – for some reason – be sure that you fully understand the conditions, costs and consequences. As of June 30, 1996, the company had 73,000 accounts and processed 8,000 trades per day, with quarterly revenue of $15 million. [4] Take the time to carefully verify all the information contained in these documents, whether you open your account in person with your registered financial expert or if you fill out your forms at home or online. And don`t sign unless you understand and agree with the conditions they impose on you. Mobile app: E-TRADE has two free mobile apps available for iOS and Android. The E-TRADE mobile app allows you to easily manage your account, place trades and receive offers and messages in real time, including Bloomberg TV. It offers advanced mobile features such as action and ETF screens as well as multi-leg options operations. The E-TRADE app is also available for the Apple Watch.

For active investors and merchants looking for charting tools, price warnings and more, the Power E-TRADE website and app offer a wider range of trade-oriented features. Power E-TRADE can be configured so that the functions you use most often are placed in the middle, so you don`t need to search for them. Power E-TRADE is the place for service data analysis and trading, as it has all the features inherited from the company`s acquisition of OptionsHouse technology. An April 2020 update allows customers with multiple E-TRADE accounts to choose and register a standard account so that it automatically appears when you log in to Power E-TRADE The company has approximately 5.2 million retail brokerage accounts and a total balance of $9.6 billion.

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