Independent Contractor Physician Agreement Template

Intellectual property. Be sure to retain the intellectual property rights generated by the physician during the expiry and extent of his or her employment or with the use of your property or staff. The distinction between staff and contractor is fiscally important for how you perform the tasks of the job and in case of disagreement between you and the company on the street. Check the contract to make sure it uses the correct term and does not use the terms “employee” and “contractor” not interchangeable. 6. COMPENSATION AND BENEFITS (a) Compensation: in return for the services provided to the contracting entity as intended, the independent contractor receives, as compensation, the amounts indicated in Schedule B and which may be changed from time to time. The contract should indicate when it will take effect and indicate how and when the agreement will end. Please note the extent of the termination of the contract (if any). This is especially important for relationships that are ongoing and that provide a significant percentage of your income.

Full agreement. Confirm that the contract represents the entire agreement between the parties on these issues within its scope and that there are no other guarantees or other external agreements. If this contract replaces a previous contract, ensure that the two agreements are coordinated so that all obligations under the previous agreement that are intended to continue to do so (for example). B, repayment commitments). The obligations that were imposed after the end of the They can address certain problems that may arise after termination; (z.B. require the doctor to issue records within a specified time frame; Participate in the provision of joint communication to patients in practice; and participate in the doctor`s examinations or appropriate measures. Consider confirming that the termination of the contract automatically terminates the affiliation of the doctor`s medical staff or the privileges of the hospital; if a problem physician wishes to continue to provide services in the facility after termination or if you have an exclusive contract with a group that would exclude such competing privileges. (e) Notwithstanding the contrary provisions, the independent contractor undertakes to provide the client with all the information necessary to document the nationality and employment status of the self-employed contractor and to sign all documents reasonably necessary to document the employment relationship provided for and to properly qualify the client, all subsidiaries or related companies of the rights creator in accordance with Section 7. The independent contractor acknowledges and accepts that, notwithstanding the contrary provisions of the company, the client may withhold payment from the independent holder until the documents that the client may reasonably require have been submitted or signed. Part-time and non-employee part-time jobs often require the signing of a physician`s independent contractor contract. This article explains the purpose of its components, how they are checked effectively and what you can check before signing.

External services. Confirm if the doctor is authorized to perform moonlight or professional services for third parties outside the contract. For employees, you should generally prohibit such activities from outside, unless you authorize the activities and the external services do not interfere with the physician`s obligations arising from your agreement. Respect for life. If the physician performs or transfers goods or services to be paid for through public health programs, you should generally structure the contract to: (d) or (l) and anti-kickback status (“AKS”), 42 CFR 1001.952 (d) or (i)

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