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Check the Microsoft customer contract to see if the confirmation was provided or not by this customer. Make sure the primary user contact information displayed is correct. If this is not the view, select Update and enter the exact information for the person who accepted the agreement. A flexible agreement with modular terms for geographic and segmental terms replaces different agreements for different types of offers and programs. Partner facilitates and reports customer acceptance of the agreement to Microsoft. On October 1, 2019, Microsoft implemented Microsoft`s customer agreement for the CSP program to replace the Microsoft Cloud agreement. Read additional instructions for indirect dealers. In order to facilitate the migration of partners to the new agreement, both agreements existed in the CSP programme until 31 January 2020. As of February 1, 2020, Microsoft`s customer agreement replaced the Microsoft Cloud agreement. Enter the first name, surname, email address and telephone number (optional) of the person who accepted the agreement. Enter the date of acceptance of the agreement. You can`t fix this at a future date.

The MPA is designed to optimize the way you do business with Microsoft. We are here to help you stay compliant and continue to add value to your customers. Microsoft`s customer agreements are region-specific and are available in several languages. Look for the customer`s location and preferred language in one of the following lists to download the correct agreement. In Germany, the penal code (section 203) and professional regulations require that certain customer relations be treated confidentially, such as the relationship between patients and their doctors and the relationship between lawyers and their clients. These professions must guarantee professional secrecy. In order to enable these and other professions to purchase cloud services from cloud solution providers, the cloud service provider must enter into a written agreement with the customer guaranteeing professional secrecy. Partners can find out if a customer has already accepted the universal MCA through another channel. These customers can now skip resignation and partners can implement solutions faster. Customers who start with an MCA partner in the Cloud Solution Provider Program (CSP) must re-sign the agreement for other channel purchases.

The customer uses the registration information provided by the partner in the email to register with Microsoft 365 Admin Center. Partners benefit from simplified contract management. You now have the opportunity to pass on customers to Microsoft to manage the contracting process, including responsibility for customer acceptance and managing all agreed data.

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