Social Housing Framework Agreements

Our centralized purchasing team offers more than 50 housing category agreements and a wider range of business categories. A procurement framework is an agreement with a supplier or a number of suppliers, which allows buyers to place orders for goods, services or works. Executives are practically framework agreements that define the conditions for individual contracts. They are usually based on large-scale purchases or aggregation of the potential needs of different customers in order to ensure more competitive prices. They may also offer special additional services and/or more advantageous terms. You can use our business solutions for free and we strive to help you get the best value possible and save your business a lot of money by using our category expertise and national purchasing power. We recognize the importance of social value to your residents and communities, we use offers and support so that you can put this at the center of your shopping. LHC offers a simple basic service. We bring together buyers and suppliers to build, rehabilitate and preserve social housing and public property, more efficiently and cheaply, and to use the local community. Our frameworks for local authorities, social owners and other public bodies are OJEU compliant and free to use. Mr.

Armstrong added, “With many new rules to follow, housing companies face challenges from potential entrepreneurs.” Our main executive partner is NFP, which has a dedicated staff to manage most Hyde executives. The NFP is made up of experienced public procurement experts who have a strong background in the public sector. We are working with the National Framework Partnership to help ensure that all our environments are available in one place and easily accessible. NFP was originally founded in partnership with Hyde and its mission is simple; to offer other contracting powers the opportunity to achieve, in addition to economies of scale, contractual compliance. Armstrong added: “This is a turnkey period for the purchase of social housing with the 1% rent reduction announced in the budget, which hits small organizations hardest, while many are reassessing their business plans to save money. More information can be found in the master`s framework manual (PDF, 770 KB). Our Whole House Refurbishment – Associated Works Framework and DPS provide an efficient and affordable supply route for the delivery of public housing renovations. A full list of executives and contact information available on the NFP website is available.

We have listed our popular development frameworks below, but if you are interested in our full range and want to know more, you can do so through our partner agencies or by contacting the buying team. Mini-competitions are much faster and less laborious than a full tendering process, and there is no need to be requested in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJ L 347 of 11.12.2006, p. 1).

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