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17. The terms “landlords” and “tenants” wherever they are present and used must be construed as “lessors” and “takers” where more than one person is one of the parties to the lease; And that all the arrangements contained in it are binding on their successors, heirs, executors, directors and beneficiaries of the transfer and exercised by their lawyer or agent. 12. The lessor is not liable for losses, damage to objects or objects placed in a warehouse or storage room in the building, which is set up free of charge in the warehouse or warehouse and is not part of the obligation of the lease. 2. The premises described are furnished to include all the equipment on the list of equipment that is part of the lease agreement, signed and dated by both parties. 22. In the event of a breach by the tenant of one of the tenant`s agreements or agreements, the landlord or his representatives may dismiss the tenant five days in advance to remedy this offence, specifying in writing the agreements or agreements that have been violated. If a lesion is not healed within five days or if reasonable measures for cancellation are not commenced within five days, until the injury has been healed, until the offence has been healed, the lessor or its representatives may announce this tenancy agreement to the tenant after five days. , this notification being made instead of a notification to termination.

to which the tenant renounces. This termination is inoperative if the tenant commits or begins this offence and carefully takes appropriate steps to proceed with such a healing at any time before the expiry of this five-day termination. At the end of this tenancy agreement, as provided here, the lessor or his representative may initiate proceedings against the tenant for his removal, as required by law. The tenant agrees to pay and cover all reasonable costs, legal fees and costs incurred by the lessor when executing the contracts of this tenancy agreement. 23. In the event of the lessor`s breach of the lessor`s agreements or agreements, the lessor may terminate the lessor ten days in advance to remedy this infringement by stating in writing how these agreements and agreements have been violated. If this offence is not cured within that ten-day period or if reasonable measures for the action of this healing are not initiated and followed carefully within that ten-day period, and then until that offence is cured, the rent is fully understood from the date on which the termination expired until the lessor has fully cured the offence in the act of this paragraph. , stalled. 8. In the event of termination of this lease, at the end of the period or other means of taking immediate possession of the lessor and abstaining, in order to pay as liquidated damages, the sum of $-a-day for the duration of which these assets are withheld; However, the provisions of this clause are not considered to be a waiver of a right of readmission as stated here; Similarly, the receipt of the rent or part of it or any other act clearly confirming the tenancy agreement is not a waiver of the right to reintroduce in the event of a violation of any of the agreements entered into it.

The lessor, for and taking into account the above agreements to be retained and implemented by the taker, rents the premises of the city of County and the state of

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