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If the Minister is of the view that an action taken by a person has or may have contravened a provision of Part 3 of the EPBC Act, a conservation agreement may deal with remediation or mitigation measures. Created in early 2010 by Scott Cecil, a businessman and philanthropist, and Dr. Richard Rice, a long-time chief economist at Conservation International, the Conservation Agreement Fund serves as a bridge between conservation funding and core project managers who might otherwise struggle to get, successfully negotiate and manage project financing. In 2002, Conservation International negotiated an agreement in which the government of Guyana CI granted a 30-year concession for the protection of 80,000 hectares (197,684 acres) to be cleared. The idea was replicated in Peru, Indonesia and the Democratic Republic of Congo, as it was an attractive deal for governments – which were compensated for the opportunity costs of the country`s development – and in an inexpensive way to preserve nature. Nature protection agreements offset the conservation opportunity costs of the Quassia bidwillii Protection and Conservation Agreement on lot 500 Maggs Hill Road, Kawungan, Queensland (PDF – 1.6 MB) | (DOCX – 379.73 KB) “The IC team thought that if this type of negotiated agreement was of interest to governments, they could also negotiate agreements with people to get community land,” wells says. Under incentive-based conservation agreements, national authorities or local resource owners commit to protecting certain habitats or species in exchange for a steady stream of benefits. By making nature protection itself a source of economic development, these agreements offer one of the few effective ways to protect biodiversity outside of national parks and other traditional protected areas. For example, indigenous communities in Bolivia have agreed not to cut down trees in exchange for aid to set up an ecotourism business. In China, CI partner shan Shui Conservation Center has formed a bee and poultry farming community to replace activities that threaten the forest. And in an agreement in South Africa, farmers commit to sustainable approaches to grazing, water management, animal numbers and predator control. In return, they will receive higher prices for their livestock, training in restoration techniques and farm management, as well as better access to livestock and veterinary assistance.

A nature protection agreement may, among other things, and in addition to the issues mentioned above, require the owner of a place: CAPPP: Bolivia – Mutual agreements on water for nature and man Nature protection agreement allow people to advance the solution to nature protection challenges A notice will be published on this site when the Minister comes forward, varies or terminates a retention agreement. Of the more than 1200 agreements implemented by these and partners, 90% focus on forest protection. An assessment of deforestation in areas where conservation agreements have been implemented for more than five years shows that there is three times less deforestation than in areas without conservation agreements. As of November 2018, the CAPPP includes 17 conservation agreements, each with unique ecological and socio-economic objectives and metrics. Among the results achieved so far are: services typically include investments in social services such as health and education, as well as investments in livelihoods, often in agriculture or the fisheries sector. .

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